The Team

In a nutshell, we’re those Aussie guys that keep popping up on your TV, YouTube Homepage and Facebook Feed for those Ridiculous sporting antics...

Our origins date back to 2009 when for unknown reasons trick shots in the backyard just seemed more exhilarating than studying for exams. It just grew from there really, the more shots we made, the harder the shots became. Before we knew it we were filming content most people wouldn’t believe is possible. Naturally, this caught a bit of attention.



Ever the workhorse and never afraid to put his body on the line to create some YouTube Gold, Derek is the one launching himself off moving speed boats, flying off the slip n slide and offering the hilarious off-the-cuff one liners in media interviews, unplanned and unprompted yet simply brilliant. Derek spends most of his spare time on his mission to become the best fantasy basketball player in the world and is convinced that it is a miracle he isn’t already. He is also involved in his local church community and is madly in love with his gorgeous girlfriend Nicole.


Apparently Brett was born with sport in his blood. Believe it or not, there were literally microscopic footballs & golf clubs flying round those tiny vessels from day 1. He has since had a crack at millions of sports including basketball, Australian rules football, soccer, boomerang, cricket and fishing (is it a sport? Brett says "definitely") to name a few.

Let's conclude this ripper bio with a few more fun B-stanf facts: He's a qualified physiotherapist, a youth pastor at our local church, enjoys a cheeky game of FIFA and has been married to his wife since 2012.


The man loves the outdoors, if Scott’s not travelling for How Ridiculous he’ll spend whatever time he can on beaches and golf courses in Western Australia. A top bloke and an even better looking rooster, Scott is a happily married man. Scott’s passions include business, environmental science, sport, getting involved in his local church and taking How Ridiculous to the highest limits possible.