It’s important that you don’t just know who we are and what we do but that you understand why we exist and what drives us.


It did start all those years ago back in 2009... Turns out, all we needed was a basketball, a handycam and a basketball ring. There is nothing quite like the sound of "nothing but net", especially if it's from a huge appartment complex, a football stadium, a 180m Dam in the Switzerland Alps or off a 200m Waterfall In Lesotho, Southern Africa.

Undoubtably if you look through our history you will find a basketball trickshot trail that has been a big part of our early success and establishment as a global brand. But like all good companies, How Ridiculous has adapted and developed. Trickshot content is now one of the many strings to our bow. 

With new content rolling out every week on our YouTube channel new styles of content have emerged! From every boy's dream experiments to every Vs. series under the sun you can imagine from a 45m tower. We have found a joy in effectively being us, having fun and posting it to our fans...


We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries in every sport and finding ways to create moments that the world loves to watch and support. “Any challenge any country” is our purpose statement because it drives us to think bigger and to be better and we believe all people should live lives that focus on potential and opportunity, not hindrances. There have always been things standing in our way but they are merely obstacles to overcome.

Our internal team values drive us:

  1. Dream bigger and be ambitious.
  2. Be original! Innovation and creativity is key.
  3. Always laugh - if you're not laughing then you're doing it wrong!


As Christ followers we have always had a special connection with Compassion and continue to work and support the life changing work they are doing in releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.