Behind the trick shots and the cool locations, we are driven by a desire to push the boundaries, to break records and to be better human beings. It’s important that you don’t just know who we are and what we do but that you understand why we exist and what drives us.

We don’t just want our videos to entertain you, we want our brand to inspire you to live selflessly and give generously in everything you do.

How Ridiculous is now a full-time world record breaking group of friends passionate about pushing the limits and bringing fans along for the ride. With millions of views on YouTube, multiple television appearances and new global brand partnerships, we are dedicated to creating exceptional content that people love.


It’s always a special moment when we break a new world record and ultimately, those feats of trick shots from hundreds of meters above the ring have brought global exposure to our brand, but we’re not just a one-trick pony.

We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries in every sport and finding ways to create moments that the world loves to watch and support. “Any challenge any country” is our purpose statement because it drives us to think bigger and to be better and we believe all people should live lives that focus on potential and opportunity, not hindrances. There have always been things standing in our way but they are merely obstacles to overcome.

Our dream is to travel the world breaking records and attempting feats others thoughts impossible in order to bring a message of hope and possibility to those looking to break out of the mould and live the kind of life that is bigger and better than their current reality.

Our internal team values drive us:

  1. Dream bigger and be ambitious
  2. Take risks
  3. Be as innovative and creative as we can
  4. Always laugh – have an immense amount of fun
  5. Cultivate the internal drive that goes beyond our abilities


Since we began, we have always had a special connection with Compassion and continue to work and support the life changing work they are doing in releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.